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Dongsung Electric Machine Co., LTD. was established in 1968 and has produced rotating equipments for a half century as defense industry.

Based on the business concept of human resources, customer respect and future value-creating operations, Dongsung Electric has locallizing developed and mass producded various electric components including generators, starters, blowers, direct currents, BLDC motor, servo motors, control integrated motors, etc. that has been applied to the system maintenance responsible for Army, Navy, Air Force power of national defense  over the past few decades.

Moreove, based on our accumulated technology, we are expanding our business into the next generation of weapons, unmaned robotics and private demands field as well as leap into the system company through a combination of instrument parts(Geared motors combined actuators).

To create a better future, all executives and employees of Dongsung Electric including myself are rushing hard to become a small but strong company that dominates the world market based on the best technology.

The company Dongsung Electric creating the future with challenges and innovations based on customer trust.

we will be participating with you.


Thank You.